As with other obesity therapeutics, a challenge with the long term effectiveness of bariatric surgery is the problem of weight regain. This symposium will present the biological barriers to long term weight loss maintenance and how metabolic adaptations to weight loss lead to weight regain. Speakers in this session will also discuss two different surgical approaches and the use of pharmacotherapy and behavioral therapies to improve long term outcomes in this domain of therapeutics.

1:30pm Physiological Adaptations to Surgically-Induced Weight Loss Favouring Weight Regain
Paul S. Maclean, MD
1:45pm Increasing Restriction for Better Long Term Surgical Outcomes
Stacy A. Brethauer, MD MPH FACS
2:00pm Engaging Pharmacotherapy and Behavioral Interventions to Minimize Post-Surgical Weight Regain
Louis Aronne, MD
2:15pm Adjusting Malabsorption for Better Long Term Surgical Outcomes
Laurent Biertho, MD
2:30pm Panel Discussion