Obesity is increasingly becoming a disease of low-income and minority populations within the US and abroad. While much progress has been made at implementing population-based initiatives to address obesity, these efforts may have unintentionally contributed to the widening disparities in obesity. In this symposium we will hear from three distinguished speakers regarding the potential negative effects of public health policies and precision health initiatives on obesity disparities, and how we can move forward to implement initiatives that effectively address obesity among the populations most burdened.

10:15am How Population Prevention Strategies Can Effectively Reduce Socio-Economic Disparities in Obesity
Anna Peeters, PhD
10:45am The Critical Importance of Ancestrally Diverse Populations for Precision Medicine
Eimear E. Kenny, MMSc MS RD CDE PhD
11:15am The Truth We Don’t Want to Hear: Have Policies Increased Obesity Disparities?
Daniel Taber, MD