Course Overview and Target Audience

The Behavioral Health Course provides an overview of the psychological and behavioral issues of bariatric surgery patients both before and after surgery. The course is designed for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, licensed counselors and other mental and medical health professionals who work with bariatric surgery patients. This educational content is determined for an intermediate/advanced level.

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1:30pm Introductions
Panel: Problems of Particular Interest to Mental Health Professionals
Panelist: James Mitchell, MD; Leslie J. Heinberg, PhD MA; Kristine Steffen, PharmD PhD; Molly Orcutt, MD
3:00pm A174 Changes in psychotropic medications after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy
Authors: Jon L Schram, MD; Shawn Katterman; Minji Sohn, PhD; Mia Miles, PharmD; Margaret de Voest, PharmD
Presenter: Shawn Katterman
3:00pm Abstract: Changes in Pharmacokinetics of Psychotropic Medications post-WLS
Kristine Steffen, PharmD PhD
3:45pm Break
Panel: Revisions
Panelists: Paul Davidson, PhD; Kasey Goodpaster, PhD; Clinton Bolton, PhD
5:30pm Adjourn