Course Overview and Target Audience

This review course is designed for licensed Registered Nurses (RN) who have been involved in the nursing care of patients with obesity, for a minimum of two years, and are preparing to take the Certification Exam.

NOTE: This is part two of a three part course. All are required to complete this course. Only one registration is required for this course.

8:00am Introduction/Welcome
Bobbie Lou Price, MSN RN CBN
8:15am Gastric Bypass
Pamela Davis, RN CBN MBA
9:15am Program Administration
Vanessa Shay, RN BSN CBN
9:45am Break
10:00am Nutrition
Julie Parrott, MS RD CPT
11:00am Sleeve Gastrectomy
Laura M. Boyer, BSN RN CBN
12:00pm Adjourn