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Overview and Desciption

This dinner symposium will highlight recent advances in our understanding of how neurobiology and the gut mircobiome drive obesity, how patients can employ personalized dietary approaches to alter their metabolism and achieve sustained weight loss, and novel oral hydrogel technologies currently being developed for weight management and glycemic control.

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7:00pm Welcome, introduction, and learning objectives
Jim Hill, PhD
7:10pm Neurobiology of Obesity
Caroline M. Apovian, MD
7:30pm The Gut Microbiome, Like Neurobiology, Drives Obesity
Frank L. Greenway, MD
7:50pm Can you Change Your Biology With Diet? Yes, you can!
Louis Aronne, MD
8:10pm Novel Oral, Non-Systemic Hydrogels for Weight Management and Glycemic Control
Hassan M. Heshmati, MD
8:30pm Moderator led panel with Q&A
8:50pm Closing remarks