This activity is supported by Teleflex, Frontera, and MGIS

Overview and Desciption

The Private Practice Reception is an event focusing specifically on the needs of Private Practice Surgeons. The Private Practice Reception will feature introductions by the Community/ Independent Practice Committee and presentations by Teleflex, Frontera, and MGIS.

Teleflex is a global provider of medical technologies designed to improve the health and quality of people’s lives. Teleflex is the industry leader in percutaneous laparoscopy. The presentation will feature the investment and advancements Teleflex has made in the percutaneous space and Dr. Alan Wittgrove’s experience with Percuvance in his bariatric practice.

Frontera helps surgeons provide excellent service to their patients, stay on schedule, greatly reduce perioperative risk and generate passive revenue – all at no cost to the practice. Frontera’s standard protocol in perioperative bariatric care is to perform a Cardiopulmonary Metabolic Exercise Test (CMET), resting echocardiogram, and a venous study, which is the gold standard in bariatric care. Frontera focuses on providing exceptional customer service and a passion for caring.

Bariatric surgery requires specialized malpractice coverage and risk management expertise not offered in typical med mal insurance. MGIS’s presentation will highlight key risk factors, evidence-based risk reduction strategies and tools specifically developed for bariatric surgery, and how they can complement specialized malpractice coverage tuned specifically for bariatrics.

Shuttle service from Convention Center to the ObesityWeek Welcome Reception available after event.

6:00pm Advancements in Percutaneous laparoscopy: Dr. Alan Wittgrove presents his experience with Percuvance, presented by Teleflex
Alan Wittgrove, MD FASMBS
6:10pm Questions and Answers
6:20pm Streamlining the Patient Pathway: In-Office Cardiopulmonary & Vascular Risk Assessments presented by Frontera
6:30pm Questions and Answers
6:40pm Risk management and specialized medical-professional liability coverage for bariatric surgeons, presented by MGIS
6:50pm Questions and Answers