Emerging research in the past decade has identified the gut microbiota as a “metabolic organ” that profoundly impacts the immune system and overall physiology of the host. The nature and the abundance of the microorganisms comprising the gut microbiota (e.g., bacteria, fungi, archaea) are altered by obesogenic diets and by metabolic syndrome, and recent studies reveal that obesity-related microbiota alterations negatively influence brain structure and function. Understanding the symbiotic relationship between gut microbiota-brain interactions will open up new possibilities to improve negative cognitive and metabolic outcomes through microbiota manipulations.

During this session, world-leading experts in microbiome and neuroscience research will discuss the physiological, neural, and functional mechanisms underlying bug-to-brain, inter-kingdom signaling.

4:15pm Psychological Concequences of Diet Induced Microbiota Changes
Annadora Bruce-Keller, PhD
4:45pm Microbiota and Changes in Vagal Function
Helen Raybould, MD
5:15pm Microbiata-Brain Axes in Obesity and Other Brain Disorders
Emeran Mayer, MD