Each day, top, early career poster abstract authors will get five minutes to present their research on the education theater stage. This opportunity allows early career abstract submitters to practice presenting their research and allow senior researchers to offer constructive feedback. Join us in the exhibit hall Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 12:15pm-12:45pm, Thursday, Nov. 3 from 6:15pm-6:45pm, and Friday, Nov. 4 from 12:15pm-12:45pm to vote on the best poster abstracts. Keep an eye out in the eNews and Obesity.org for additional details about the selection and live voting process.


JUDGES: TOS Council- Arya Sharma, MD and Early Career Committee- Edwina Yeung, PhD, FTOS


12:15pm T-P-LB-3677 Trends in Nutrient Content of Children's Menu Items in U.S. Chain Restaurants
Authors: Alyssa Moran, MPH RD; Simo Goshev, PhD; Jason P. Block, MD; Christina Roberto, PhD; Sara N. Bleich, PhD ScD
Presenter: Alyssa Moran, MPH RD
12:15pm T-P-3454 Respiratory Volume Monitoring for the Identification of Patients At-Risk for Respiratory Depression in the PACU: Obese vs. Non-Obese patients
Authors: Jaideep H. Mehta, MD MBA; Michael J. Reardon, BS; Edward E. George, MD PhD
Presenter: Jaideep H. Mehta, MD MBA
12:15pm T-P-3521 Obesity and Weight Loss Following Sleeve Gastrectomy: The Influence of Ghrelin Gene Polymorphisms
Authors: Margarita Teran-Garcia, MD PhD FTOS; Katie N. Robinson, MPH; Blair M. Rowitz, MD; Sharon M. Donovan, PhD RD
Presenter: Katie N. Robinson, MPH
12:15pm T-P-LB-3625 Dietary Protein Content Does not Leverage Food Intake and Cause Adiposity in C57BL/6 Mice
Authors: Yanchao Xu, PhD; Dengbao Yang, PhD; Xueying Zhang, MD; Lu Wang, PhD; Jianbo Li, MD; Guanlin Wang, PhD; Jacques Togo, Master's; Yingga Wu, PhD; Chaoqun Niu, MS; Mohsen Mazidi, PhD; Min Li, Master's; Xinyu Liu, PhD; Baoguo Li, Master's; Li Li, PhD; John R. Speakman, PhD; Sumei Hu, PhD
Presenter: Sumei Hu, PhD
12:15pm T-P-3553 Maltreatment in Childhood Predicts Overeating and Loss of Control Eating in Early Adulthood
Authors: Vivienne M. Hazzard, MPH RD; Kendrin R. Sonneville, ScD; Katherine W. Bauer, PhD
Presenter: Vivienne M. Hazzard, MPH RD