Course Overview

Endoluminal therapies to treat obesity and complications of bariatric surgery are expanding rapidly. New techniques and devices are allowing less invasive therapies to be applied for the betterment of our patients. This session will focus on the cutting edge modalities of endoluminal therapies in all aspects of treatment for obesity and weight-related disease. Specifically, new and emerging techniques for managing complications after surgery, and primary and revisional endoluminal treatments will be described. Speakers will discuss techniques and devices employed, review existing data on efficacy and outcomes, and define training regimens. Participants will have ample opportunity to ask questions of speakers and generate a dialogue regarding these state-of the-art therapies.

Target audience

The course is designed for bariatric surgeons and bariatric endoscopists, as well as interventional endoscopists and trainees.

8:00am Introduction and Welcome
Matt D. Kroh, MD FASMBS
8:05am Bariatric endoscopy certification
Bipan Chand, MD
8:20am Pre-operative and intra-operative evaluation
Matt D. Kroh, MD FASMBS
8:30am Bleeding, Stricture, Foreign body removal
John Rodriguez, MD
8:45am Stenting (Leaks, stricture, fistula)
Dana Telem, MD
9:00am Suturing devices & Over-the-scope clips for complications
George M. Eid, MD
9:15am Endoscopic Septotomy
Manoel Galvao-Neto, MD
9:30am Novel therapies: Endoscopic VAC & beyond
Kevin Reavis, MD
9:45am Q & A
10:15am Break
10:30am Update on US balloons
Erik Wilson, MD
10:40am Endoscopic Suturing: Devices & Techniques
Reem Sharaiha, MD
10:50am Endoscopic liners
Keith Gersin, MD FASMBS
11:05am Novel and Evolving Primary Endoluminal Procedures to treat Obesity
Marina S. Kurian, MD FASMBS
11:15am Evaluation for endoluminal treatment of weight recidivism: Pre-procedural considerations
Natan Zundel, MD FASMBS
11:30am Suturing devices & techniques: New Endoluminal therapies for weight regain
Abu Dayyeh Barham, MD
11:45am Q & A
12:00pm Adjourn