Course Overview and Target Audience

This course is designed to provide the bariatric dietitian with evidence-based guidelines to apply to all aspects of nutritional care of the bariatric surgery patient.

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Assess the health needs of a long-term post-op bariatric surgery patient.
  • Recommend resources to help bariatric surgery patients navigate challenges posed by financial concerns, limited literacy, and cultural practices.
  • Operate within a team to efficiently and practically manage micronutrient needs of bariatric surgery patients.
  • Manage the nutrition needs of a bariatric surgery patient preparing for organ transplant.

1:30pm Introduction
1:35pm Supporting, Engaging, and Retaining Your Patients
Duc Vuong, MD
2:05pm Q & A
2:15pm Using the Science of Positive Emotion to Facilitate Behavior Change
Theresa Tate, RD LD
2:50pm Q & A
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Revisions and Duodenal Switch: Adventures in Absorption and Utilization
Elizabeth Goldenberg, MPH RD CDN
4:00pm Pre-op and Post-op Exercise: What the RD Should Recommend
Dale S. Bond, PhD
4:30pm Obesity as a Chronic Disease: The Role of Combination Therapy: Pharmacotherapy
Deborah Horn, DO MPH FOMA
4:55pm Obesity as a Chronic Disease: The Role of Combination Therapy: Endoscopic Bariatric Therapies
Abigail Lowe, RD
5:20pm Q & A
5:30pm Adjourn