3:30pm T-OR-LB-2096 A New Treatment for an Old Disease: Orally-Delivered Polymer-Based Small Intestinal Coating for Treatment of Metabolic Diseases
Authors: Ashish Nimgaonkar; Pankaj Jay Pasricha, MD; Michael Parlato, MS Bioengineering; Kirk M. Habegger, PhD; Kevin Colbert, MS; Pratik Patel, MSE; Thomas H. Jozefiak, PhD
Presenter: Kevin Colbert, MS
3:45pm T-OR-LB-2097 Association of in Vivo Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Cellular Kinetics with Markers of Metabolic Health
Authors: Marc Hellerstein; Mark Fitch, MS; Ursula A. White, PhD; Eric Ravusin, PhD; Robbie A. Beyl, PhD
Presenter: Ursula A. White, PhD
4:00pm T-OR-LB-2098 Gastric Bypass Surgery Alters Central Ghrelin Signaling in Rats
Authors: David Rossi, PhD; Ben D. Richardson, PhD; Arriel Van Cleef, BS; Sunil Sirohi, PhD; Jon F. Davis, PhD
Presenter: Sunil Sirohi, PhD
4:15pm T-OR-LB-2099 High-Intensity Interval Exercise with Calorie Restriction Improves Intramuscular Markers of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism in Diet-Induced Obesity
Authors: Jacob E. Halbrooks, BS; Eric P. Plaisance, PhD; Rachel Harley; Gary R. Hunter, PhD; Gordon Fisher, PhD
Presenter: Rachel Harley
4:30pm T-OR-LB-2100 Maternal Low-Dose Antibiotic Consumption During Pregnancy and Lactation in Rats May Alter Behavior and Cognition in Dams and Their Offspring
Authors: Raylene A. Reimer, PhD; Nicole A. Cho, BKin; Teja Klancic, MSc
Presenter: Nicole A. Cho, BKin
4:45pm T-OR-LB-2101 Total Meal Replacement and Typical Food-Based Calorie Restriction Differentially Affect Visual Food-Cue Reactivity of the Human Brain as Measured by fMRI
Authors: Lori A. Boyd, MS RDN LD; Dmitrii A. Paniukov, MA; Michael W. O’Boyle, PhD; Chanaka N. Kahathuduwa, MD; Tyler Davis, PhD; Martin Binks, PhD FTOS; Shao-hua Chin, BS
Presenter: Chanaka N. Kahathuduwa, MD