Course Overview:

In bariatric surgery, there are a number of different surgical procedures each netting unique effects on weight loss and comborbidity, with surgery both affecting, and being affected by, the nutritional disposition of the patient. This course is designed to provide an overview of best practices for systematic approach to perioperative nutrition assessment and intervention, with focus sustaining longer term outcomes such as bone and neurologic integrity. The course will also include other topics related to nutrition in the current context of obesity and weight loss surgery, including the microbiome and the status of obesity’s routine consideration as a function of food addiction.

Target Audience:

The content of this course is appropriate to all clinicians active in the care of the severely obese patient and those who will or have undergone bariatric surgery.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify current best practices in nutrition assessment, including identification of abnormal findings and their immediate effect on surgical disposition
  • Identify current best practices in nutrition intervention education, emphasizing both the pre- and post-operative period
  • Understand techniques for preventing and managing nutritional aspects of bone and neurologic diseases
  • Understand procedure=specific nutrient insufficiencies, and their treatment
  • Attain familiarity with the microbiome and its relationship with obesity and surgical weight loss
  • Familiarity with current evidence supporting or undermining the concept of obesity as a result of food addiction

8:00am Welcome and Introduction
John Dixon, MBBS PhD MD
8:05am Best Practices in Nutritional Assessment
Kellene A. Isom, MS RD LDN
8:20am Best Practices in Nutrition- Related Education
Nina M. Crowley, PhD RDN LD
8:35am Discussion/Panel/Q&A
8:45am Sustaining long-term bone viability
Fatima Cody Stanford, MD MPH MPA FAAP FTOS
9:00am Sustaining longer-term neurological function
John Dixon, MBBS PhD MD
9:15am Discussion/Panel/Q&A
9:30am The gut microbiome: Where are we, and what the future holds
C. Ronald Kahn, MD
9:45am Discussion/Panel/Q&A
9:55am Break
10:20am Postoperative Monitoring and Nutritional Intervention:Do procedures differ?
Dennis Smith, MD FACS FASMBS
10:40am Discussion/Panel/Q&A
10:50am Is Obesity the Result of an Addiction?
Alexis Conason, PsyD
11:20am Evidence Against Obesity as a result of Addiction
Stephanie Sogg, PhD
11:40am Discussion/Panel/Q&A
12:00pm Adjourn