This panel highlights complex GI operations in patients who have already had bariatric surgery (lap band, sleeve, gastric bypass and DS). Presentations focus on preoperative considerations and video clips demonstrate technical pearls.


  • Understand rationale for treatment and management of hiatal hernia, GERD and Barrett’s in patients during and after band, bypass and sleeve operations
  • Appreciate different approaches to the biliary tree in patients after band, bypass and sleeve
  • Understand nuances to management of HPB cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and colon cancer in patients after band, bypass and sleeve

1:30pm Hiatal Hernia and GERD
Jamie Ponce, MD
1:40pm Barrett’s and Esophageal CA
Ninh Nguyen, MD FASMBS
1:50pm Common Bile Duct Stones
Bipan Chand, MD
2:00pm Q&A
2:15pm HPB CA and Transplant
Bruce Schirmer, MD
2:25pm Gastrectomy for CA
Alfons Pomp, MD
2:35pm Colectomy for CA
Scott Shikora, MD FASMBS
2:45pm Q&A
3:00pm Adjourn