The symposium proposes to highlight the emerging epidemic of geriatric obesity that often is overlooked in clinical practice. Providers are often unclear, reluctant and unprepared in treating older adults with obesity.

There is a critical need for making clinicians aware of the benefits of obesity management among this group. They require simple tools to promote weight loss to reduce the risk of functional decline, and be familiar with the consequences of sarcopenia and bone loss that could occur with unopposed weight loss. Without such knowledge, an increasingly obese older population will continue to decline functionally and lead to increased healthcare utilization.

3:30pm Is Obesity Important in Older Adults
John A Batsis, MD
4:00pm Nutritional Considerations in Treating Older Adults with Obesity
Denise K. Houston, PhD RD
4:30pm Evidence and Practical Approaches to Obesity in Older Adults
Dennis T. Villareal, MD