This ASMBS course provides of overview of perioperative care of the bariatric surgery patient. It is designed for Integrated Health professionals including nurses, dietitians, behavioral health clinicians and advanced practice nurses and physician assistants.


  • Summarize necessary recommendations of preoperative and postoperative diets.

  • Describe management strategies for pain using non-narcotic agents, as well as how to best handle pain management patients’ post-surgical pain.

  • Identify the importance of the use of checklists in the OR.

  • Discuss the topic of mental health and the effectiveness of preoperative evaluations based on method.

  • Identify key issues in the ERABS discussion and integrate into practice effectively.

8:00am Preoperative diets reduce liver volumes and influence surgical outcomes
Laura Andromalos, MS RD LDN
8:10am Preoperative diets do or do not influence long term outcomes
8:20am Postoperative diets influence short term outcomes
Jessica Arroyo, RD
8:30am Panel Q & A
8:40am No narcotics needed: NSAIDS and Tylenol
Emma Patterson, MD
8:48am Pain managment beyond PCA Role of TAP Block and Exparel
Christopher DuCoin, MD MPH
8:58am Panel Q & A
9:08am Preop Checklist: identifying high risk patients or conditions
Mara Berman, MSN MBA RN CNOR
9:16am Intraop Checklist
Wayne J. English, MD
9:24am Panel Q & A
9:34am Cyber psych or in person Evals:what's most diagnostic?
Jessica Salwen, PhD
9:50am Panel Q & A
10:00am Break
10:15am Perioperative DVT prophylaxis – Preventing DVT/PE
Jonathan Finks, MD
10:27am Should I get an UGI? Diagnosing and Managing Leaks
Konstantinos Spaniolas, MD
10:39am Post-Operative Activity: What,When & How?
Robin Blackstone, MD FASMBS
10:51am Is 23 hrs or less appropriate?
Alan Saber, MD
11:03am Sleeve Gastrectomy Pathways
Dana Telem, MD
11:32am Panel Discussion
12:00pm Adjourn