Held immediately following the early career poster education theater, this session provides a format for presentations of all top-scoring posters. All top-ranking abstract submitters are eligible to present on this all-new, second poster education stage.

Moderated by TOS Council Member, Steve Heymsfield, MD.

1:00pm T-P-3439 An Easily Swallowable Gastric Balloon Capsule without a Filling Tube for Bariatric Treatment
Authors: Hidetoshi H.O. Ohta, MD PhD; Tamotsu Sagawa, PhD; Shinichi Katsuki, MD PhD
Presenter: Hidetoshi H.O. Ohta, MD PhD
1:06pm T-P-3488 Mortality Following Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Ashima Singh, PhD; Steven H. Belle, PhD MscHyg; Bruce M. Wolfe, MD; Alfons Pomp, MD FACS; Paul D. Berk, MD FACP FTOS; James Mitchell, MD; Walter J. Pories, MD FACS; Konstantinos Spaniolas, MD; Susan Z. Yanovski, MD; Anita P. Courcoulas, MD MPH PhD; David R. Flum, MD MPH
Presenter: Steven H. Belle, PhD MscHyg
1:12pm T-P-3522 Baseline HOMA-IR Predicts Prevention of Macrovascular Disease by Bariatric Surgery in the SOS Study
Authors: Markku Peltonen, PhD; Per-Arne Svensson, PhD; Lars Sjostrom, MD PhD; Kajsa Sjoholm, PhD; Bjorn Carlsson, MD PhD
Presenter: Bjorn Carlsson, MD PhD
1:18pm T-P-LB-3655 Effect on Body Weight of Naltrexone/Bupropion in Overweight and Obese Participants with Cardiovascular Risk Factors in a Large Randomized Double-Blind Study
Authors: Kye Gilder, PhD; John B. Buse, MD PhD; Kevin Shan, PhD; Amy E. Halseth, PhD; Steven R. Smith, MD FTOS
Presenter: John B. Buse, MD PhD
1:24pm T-P-LB-3673 Obesity and Healthcare Resource Utilization – Comparative Results from the U.K. and the U.S.
Authors: Barrie Chubb; Anders Rething Borglykke, PhD; Emil Nortoft, MSc
Presenter: Emil Nortoft, MSc