• Participants should learn how to start and build a solid bariatric practice that has the correct elements to provide comprehensive care of the morbidly obese patient
  • Participants will be educated about different ways to have their practice be viable and sustainable economically while providing the best care to their patients
  • Participants should learn from the experts best way to incorporate cash pay procedures, perioperative testing, body contouring and other elements that they may want to incorporate to expand the scope of their practice.

8:00am Introduction: The present landscape
Rami Lutfi, MD
8:05am Starting a Bariatric Practice
Marina S. Kurian, MD FASMBS
8:15am Surviving the first 5 years
Christopher Joyce, MD FASMBS FACS
8:25am Living The Dream. How to Make it Big
Kelvin Higa, MD FACS
8:35am Negotiating hospital employment contract
Shanu N. Kothari, MD FASMBS
8:45am Coding and reimbursement
Matthew Brengman, MD FASMBS
9:00am Wealth Management.. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Brad Goldberg
9:20am Q & A
9:30am Break
9:40am Managing the Finances
10:00am Optimizing income for the practice
Thomas E. Lavin, MD FASMBS
10:15am Electronic medical Records: best, worst, ideal for private practice
Sunil Bhoyrul, MD
10:30am SurgiCenters, Increased Profit or Liability
Daniel R. Cottam, MD
10:40am Strategies to add Cosmetic Surgery and Body Contouring to your Practice
Ehab Akkary, MD FACS
10:50am Q & A
11:00am Break
Practice setting panel discussion and debate
11:10am Private Practice
Helmuth Billy, MD
11:17am Hospital employed
Shanu N. Kothari, MD FASMBS
11:24am Academic
Ninh Nguyen, MD FASMBS
11:30am Questions & Free debate
11:40am Forum: attendees to present issues and ideas for the new ASMBS Independent practice committee
12:00pm Adjourn