3:30pm T-OR-2006 Food Cue-Reactivity Decreases and Executive Function Improves Following a Clinically Relevant Weight Loss: An EEG Study
Authors: Laurie HG. Rauch, PhD; Fleur M. Howells, PhD; David J. Hume, PhD; Estelle V. Lambert, PhD
Presenter: David J. Hume, PhD
3:45pm T-OR-2007 Children’s Laboratory Food Intake is Predicted by Brain Response to Anticipation of Food and Money Rewards
Authors: Nicole J. Roberts, MS; Kathleen Keller, PhD; Charles F. Geier, PhD; Shana Adise, BSc; Arimani M. Caprio; Corey N. White, PhD
Presenter: Shana Adise, BSc
4:00pm T-OR-2008 Dietary Restraint, but not BMI, Body Composition nor Fat Distribution, Predicts Brain Responses During Evaluation of High-Energy Foods
Authors: Christina G. Prechtl, PhD; Elizabeth L. Thomas, PhD; Giuliana Durighel, MSc; Alexander D. Miras, MD PhD; Jimmy D. Bell, PhD; Samantha Scholtz, MD PhD; Anthony P. Goldstone, MD PhD; Jacinthe Willson, BSc; Navpreet Chhina, MBChB; Gary S. Frost, PhD RD; Claire L. Pettitt, MSC RD; Michelle L. Sleeth, PhD
Presenter: Anthony P. Goldstone, MD PhD
4:15pm T-OR-2009 Task-Related Functional Connectivity Within the Reward Network During Food Image Viewing
Authors: Joseph McClernon, PhD; Preetham Shankapal, PhD; Kori Murray, MS; Corby K. Martin, PhD; Jill L. King, BS BS; Owen Carmichael, PhD; Paula Geiselman, PhD
Presenter: Preetham Shankapal, PhD
4:30pm T-OR-2010 Short Sleep Increases Both Reward and Inhibitory Control Processing in Response to Food Cues
Authors: Kimberly A. Mailloux, BA; Jennifer Trautvetter, BA; Kathryn E. Demos, PhD; Samantha Williams, MSc; Rena R. Wing, PhD; Chantelle N. Hart, PhD; Lawrence H. Sweet, PhD; Max M. Owens, BS; Jeanne M. McCaffery, MD PhD
Presenter: Kathryn E. Demos, PhD