Social Media and Bariatrics

8:00am Introduction
Daniel Herron, MD
Facebook, Twitter and Surgery
8:05am What is the International Bariatric Club? Why is it important?
Tomasz Rogula, MD PhD
8:20am What is the American College of Surgeons Bariatric Community Discussion Thread? Why should I join? How is it different from IBC?
8:35am Surgical Tweeting: How does it work, and why does it matter?
Neil Floch, MD
8:50am Roundtable discussion, Q/A
HIPAA, Apps and ASMBS Web Presence
9:10am Understanding HIPAA – what can I post? What can’t I post?
Daniel Herron, MD
9:20am What bariatric apps are out there? How can they help my practice?
Michael Seger, MD FASMBS
9:40am overview – what does it offer, where will it go?
Richard Peterson, MD
9:50am Roundtable discussion, Q/A
10:15am Adjourn