Presented by the American Society of Nutrition

Brief Description of Topic and Sub-Topics

Systematic reviews are an important activity to inform treatment guidelines, public policy and directions for future research. The main topic for the proposed symposium is about the unique challenges in performing and evaluating systematic reviews and meta-analyses of nutrition and obesity intervention studies. The sub-topics will include:

  • Practical strategies to prepare and execute a systematic review project
  • Methods to increase the speed of the literature review process when faced with a large number of candidate citations
  • Reviews of obesity outcomes
  • Reviews of nutritional interventions

Educational Objectives

  1. New methods for expediting literature searches and filtering
  2. Planning and logistical considerations for conducting reviews and meta-analyses from experienced authors
  3. Clinical considerations of intervention types
  4. How to process a large amount of data or a small amount of data, depending on what the search process yields
  5. Challenges regarding systematic reviews and meta-analyses investigating obesity outcomes and nutritional interventions

1:30pm So you want to do a systematic review on a nutrition or obesity topic? Practical strategies for how to plan the project phases
Kathryn A. Kaiser, PhD
1:50pm From microworkers to sampling techniques – challenges and benefits of alternative literature screening methods
Andrew W. Brown, PhD
2:10pm Systematically reviewing and meta-analyzing studies with obesity outcomes
Arya Sharma, MD FTOS
2:30pm Systematically reviewing and meta-analyzing studies with nutrition interventions
John Sievenpiper
3:00pm Adjourn