This session will provide an overview of the clinical features of common genetic syndrome that cause obesity including when to order genetic testing, as well as when and where to refer for research studies. It will include a talk on early diagnosis and treatment of Prader Willi Syndrome with a focus on obesity prevention in PWS. Another talk will cover the emerging science and treatment options for genetic obesity syndromes. Speakers for this session are Dr. Joan Han, Dr. Theresa Strong, and Dr. Jack Yanovski, all of who are national experts in genetic causes of obesity.

1:30pm Recognizing Genetic Syndromes Across the Lifespan
Joan C. Han, PhD
2:00pm Early Diagnosis and Obesity Prevention in Prader Willi
Theresa V Strong, PhD
2:30pm Strategies to Manage Weight in Patients with Genetic Obesity
Jack Yanovski, MD PhD